New Ventures | Tuition The cost of college tuition is rising and most people don’t insure life’s second biggest investment. We want to protect people if they need to withdraw with our Tuition Insurance product.

Billy Product Owner, Solaria US

Given a college degree is one of the biggest financial investments facing students today, why not insure it? That’s exactly the question our team at Solaria Labs asked when we realized most people do not insure their college tuition. Schools and universities don’t advertise tuition insurance widely. Further, many schools only reimburse students if they need to drop out for medical reasons within the first month of starting classes. This left an opportunity to help deliver peace of mind to students and their families who want to protect their investment for the remainder of the school year.

Our Tuition insurance product was built as a collaboration between the Solaria Labs team and our Liberty Mutual partners. With any new insurance product, you need sales, service, claims, in addition to the product. Our team launched the product in market quickly and have been continuously iterating and improving the customer experience and availability.

We’re excited to continue to give students and parents comfort knowing that their college investment is protected.

Check out our site: Tuition Insurance

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