New Ventures | Dwellbeing Owning a home is complex – especially when things go wrong. That’s why we developed Dwellbeing, an app that helps people proactively manage their home.

Laura Product Owner, Solaria US

Homeownership can be challenging; whether you’re a new homeowner or more experienced. Over half of homeowners are uninformed about issues that can arise in their home, and close to 60% are unprepared to deal with a home maintenance issue. To help homeowners learn and give them more confidence in this area, Solaria Labs has developed a more proactive approach to help people manage their homes - Dwellbeing.

Dwellbeing is a resource that helps homeowners proactively take care of their home with personalized maintenance tasks. Dwellbeing not only helps homeowners identify what needs to be done in their home and when to do it, but also teaches them how. Detailed instructions and timely notifications help homeowners confidently care for and nurture their home, while rewarding them for doing so. As they complete tasks each season, Safeco customers will receive a credit towards their homeowners insurance policy deductible.

Our approach to building the product was very customer centric. We met (and continue to meet!) with homeowners in their homes and asked them to show us how they would complete various maintenance tasks. We developed prototypes and mock-ups for people to react to, and the team was able to experiment with new technology along the way.

Prioritizing new features based on homeowner feedback gave us confidence as we rolled into our product launch that we have created a product that will really resonate with people. We can’t wait to see how people use the app and how we can keep iterating to further enhance their experience.

Check out our site: Dwellbeing

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